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16-01-08, 20:45
Calling all American Idol fantatics! Pagesix.com (http://www.pagesix.com) is hosting a LIVE chat during the second night of the AI premiere, starting at 8pm EST. Throw down some wild and wacky commentary in real time as you and other Idol fans dish the dirt on all the happenings - and keep an eye out for Pagesix.com's resident Idol expert, Jarett Wieselman, who will be popping in to give his own snarky take on this year's auditions. Look for Pagesix.com (http://www.pagesix.com) to invade your space with all types of cool chats in 2008!

17-01-08, 11:59
Thank you for the info. I love the American Idol especially during the auditions. I think the auditions of the other people are very very funny.

20-03-08, 11:54
i love american idol too. i saw a few of the contester on a site called eupee and i signed up to the site :))) especially for katherine mcphee!!!! i love her!!!!

30-04-08, 17:48

American Idol!!

I thought I was the only one who liked A.I.. I mean, it's a pretty ****py show but so entertaining at the same time :)