View Full Version : 'Britain's got Talent' or 'Television for Dummies' ?

27-05-08, 20:55
It's the program with all the plusses !!! The wonderful Ant, the equally unirritating Dec, the talented Amanda Holden, Piers Over-Bearing and of course Simon Cowell, who seems to make more appearances on television than the weather forecast. How could we fail to enjoy such a spectacle of presenters who illustrate better than anybody could that Britain has indeed got talent. A talent for producing inane and moronic television programs. Now we hear the 'America's Got Talent'. How long before life becomes a constant procession of talent shows, Big Brother BS, dancing competitions, cooking competitions, who wants to be a Lord Webber protege, top model etc etc etc. Coronation Street could be replaced by Corrine's real Coronation Street Stars, where the series is actually replaced by auditions for Corrie Wannabees.
There programs are insulting...get them off the air....we are more intelligent. RANT OVER...what do you think ? :mwuaha:

29-05-08, 15:23
Great post!

02-06-08, 11:47
LOL! :D The thing is I completely agree with you, and I normally hate this sort of thing, but to my embarrassment I actually watched every single one of the semi-finals. Clearly I'm an idiot too ;)

02-06-08, 19:16
its stupid but addictive.