View Full Version : Meeting Online??

28-05-08, 12:31
Have you or someone you know ever met anyone inreal-life after liking them online? Do you think it's safe?

28-05-08, 14:52
i havnt ever met anyone in real life that i met online... i just dont know... dont really seem safe to me. but it depends!

28-05-08, 17:24
i have-over 60 of them. albiet i was with lots of other people and i got to know them first.

28-05-08, 17:58
i think i have, but like i would know them through a friend or something

29-05-08, 01:41
I dated someone i met on a forum, and i met plenty of people. admittidly it was a tad procarious, and i was scared but i'm a big girl and can look after myself :D

Shadow Demon
11-06-08, 21:52
Generally I join forums because poeple I meet IRL use them.

11-06-08, 22:11
Sure thing. I'm organising a meet for my 'crew' this Smmer hopefully from another Forum. And no A, you're not invited :LH: It's for my website's team only :(