View Full Version : IBM-T61 Laptop

30-05-08, 09:18
Hi everyone,i need help. There is somthing wrong with my IBM-T61 Laptop (http://www.popvoucher.co.uk/). I used to click Fn+F4 to make it sleeping and press any key to wake it up. But w when I wake it up by clicking some key,the screen is still being dark even i can hear the hard drive starts operating. I have to force shutdown it each time, and restart it. Has any of you meet the same problem? any suggestions for me? Due to it's out of warranty...just for help, cheers

31-05-08, 19:49
have you tried turning it off and on again?

31-05-08, 20:34
Get a better anti-spyware and then re-install windows on your PC. You've been spied on mate.