View Full Version : Which famous person would you definitely not get o

09-07-08, 05:24
Which famous person would you definitely not get on with ?

11-07-08, 18:17
elton john... i heard hes a **** and very rude x

09-09-08, 13:42
any one who behaves badly;famous because of his/her bad behavior

Sharoon :mad:

09-09-08, 16:02
oh he is very famous but for bad things

he was the president of Israel before 3 years maybe

this is his picture



we so hate him ,he killed many many innocent people in palestine:cen:

09-09-08, 16:33
that is right


16-09-08, 10:00
I don't really know who I would or wouldn't be friends with. Obviously I could never see myself being best mates with someone like Robert Mugabe (although if he asked then I'd probably have to be...) but I never know if the people I see on TV or read about in magazines are the same as real people in everyday life. I know whenever I've been filmed/photographed I've acted differently/posed just because there is a camera and acting natural in front of one is really tricky for me. I'm sure if people saw recordings of me they'd think I was completely different to the actual me.

I'd love to meet someone like Paris Hilton just to find out what she was really like.