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13-08-08, 21:27
Hi everyone,

I'm writing a feature article for a student mag on binge drinking at university and am hoping to get some opinions from those of you who have an opinion about it, whether for or against.

Anti-alcohol charities are trying to put an end to happy hours, cheap drinks promotions and some have even suggested a minimum price for alcoholic drinks.

I just wanted to find out how students feel about that - especially as students are having to find more and more money just to cover basic living costs. Does something need to be done to curb binge drinking among students or is it just harmless fun, which is integral to uni life?

I would also be really keen to speak to anyone who found their drinking getting out of control at uni, or anyone who decided that there is more to life than alcohol and became teetotal.

If anyone would like to help with the article, please email me through my profile.

Thanks in advance,

15-12-10, 23:33
Well, I think that college is definitely a time where people can develop drinking problems. It's the first taste of real freedom in people's lives usually and there's a lot of things that can pull you in that direction. I don't think it will be stopped by drink prices etc. It would have to be abolished completely and made to be a social negative. People would have to look down on drinkers to make a change. Right now it's cool to drink in college. That would have to change. IMO
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16-12-10, 20:06
I agree with that in fairness its unlikely to change unless the British culture changes! In the USA drinking age is 21, if it was the same in this country people would be getting checked for ID and having a different social outlook rather than getting drunk every night as long as the culture changed with it, if that happened now it would just be riots again lol.

07-01-11, 03:54
I think that no one should drink these kind of things cuz it eventually leads to drinking alcohol later on. I dont find the need to drink. just drink some cold drink and get it over with. in my opinion even the energy drinks shouldnt be drunk cuz u dont know how it affects ur body.

04-03-11, 17:00
When you go to Uni you have alcohol literally thrown down you throat from the off. There are always drinks offers, flyers handed to you left right and centre, it is part of going to uni.
I don't thinking changin the law to 21 will help, it will just push it underground - plus there are plenty of U18s with drink problems in the UK. It is the culture that needs to be changed, but that unfortunately takes time to change and impliment.hyperion commercial (http://www.hyperion-commercial.com/)