View Full Version : Family Guy vs The Simpsons

05-09-08, 23:22
Its just about to come on BBC three which lead me to the though is Family guy better than The Simpsons?

Kater Murr
05-09-08, 23:23
Which do you think, Adam?

The Simpsons, anyway. Easily.

05-09-08, 23:23
The Simpsons wins. :)

05-09-08, 23:24
The Simpsons. No questions. Except for the one in the opening post.

05-09-08, 23:26
how weird is that, you all posted replies within about a second

05-09-08, 23:27
Family Guy wins for me I think

06-09-08, 13:54
I'm going for family guy, the only simpsons I like are the old ones, whereas with family guy they're still good now.

21-09-08, 07:03
Though I do watch Family Guy on occasion, I prefer the Simpsons for some reason.

11-10-08, 23:15
I love them both but family guy wins out every time!

28-10-08, 11:30
I always watch them both, The Simpsons and Family Guy, also The American Dad. These animated shows are great, but gotta give it to The Simpsons, they are the ones that started it all.

29-10-08, 09:10
It's Family Guy now. Simpsons used to be the best but the new ones aren't so good. Whereas Family Guy still remains strong and consistant!

29-10-08, 10:24
Have you guys heard about a news concerning that The Simpsons and the show Family Guy are considered porn in other countries?

29-10-08, 13:15
Simpsons for me. I did like Family Guy, but then I found it got kinda irritating after a while.

30-10-08, 14:18
Family guy though i like them both :)

30-10-08, 18:12
I think The Simpsons was awesome back in the day but they have covered just about everything and the new ones are just regurgitating old ground.

At least with Family Guy/ American Dad it is a new take on the same ole sh..

For me FG takes it over The Simpsons, but why no mention of South Park??

*Adopts Peter Griffin voice* “What the hell is a Tom Tit?”