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24-11-08, 17:50
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“Sean Penn Harvey Milk,” is an Academy Award winning documentary starring Sean Penn as “Milk” (http://www.alliancefilms.com/en/89/details/display/12042/), James Franco, Emile Hirsch, Diego Luna, Josh Brolin and Gus Van Sant being the director.

Within 5 minutes of the movie being played there are some movie clips of two men being intimate with each other and that could be an issue with heterosexual men in today’s society. After that being said and done we begin to forget and realize that Sean Penn is just playing as Harvey Milk and you are able to see the true character of Milk (http://www.alliancefilms.com/en/89/details/display/12042/) come alive. You then celebrate his struggle, feel sorry for him and of course root for him in the political rallies.

Harvey Milk being a Gay Rights activist in San Francisco in the 70s had come upon some struggles after being elected to office as the first gay politician. After one year of his struggles Harvey began to run into some difficulties with a rival city councilor named Dan White (Josh Brolin) defending a family values platform.

Do you think your girlfriend is going to make you go see this movie?