View Full Version : Michael Jackson's Come Back

09-03-09, 17:40
I was wondering what peoples views on Michael Jackson's 'This is it' comeback are? Do people think that it will be a success or a failure? It seems from what I read in the papers and in the news despite massive ticketing demand the number being touted is 350,000 people registered for the pre-sale in 2 days, the media are already expecting it to be a failure and predicting his next crazy stunt. If anyone can make it either a massive unrivaled global success or the worst comeback in history that man would be Michael Jackson, its all down to a flip of a coin I think!!

10-03-09, 23:02
I'm curious to see what will happen...it does seem like he still has loads of fans!

13-03-09, 03:20
JAcko noi

01-04-09, 15:32
I had a pre-sale code but forgot to check my email and missed out ha :(

02-04-09, 20:48
I'm not sure if it's too much of a comeback because he did say, "this is it". Maybe he'll just do this concert and then retire? Or is he definately bringing out more albums (http://www.hitflip.de/music-cds/)??

11-06-09, 13:24
Another album will come, that's a certainty.

23-03-10, 08:02
He is a success !:cool:

25-03-10, 10:20
He will never come back!