View Full Version : which movie you like best?

02-04-09, 07:19
which movie you like best?
for me, twilight

14-04-09, 15:29
i love life is beautiful. it pertains on the holocaust

22-04-09, 03:16
For me, I love Sex and The City and Desperate Housewives best...
Keep searching for classic movies.
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31-08-10, 07:42
My favorites 300, munich, Black hawk down.

01-09-10, 03:41
mmmm, too many,such as the day after tomorrow

Peter L
01-09-10, 23:41
It isn't possible to decide which is the best but one of my favourite is "Friends & Crocodiles" by Stephen Poliakoff.

02-09-10, 11:49
Desperate Housewives is great :)
You know Desert Flower? Also a really nice and sad movie

03-09-10, 13:48
for me, twilight

Can you, please explain what do you like into the Twilight movie? Have you read the Twilight Saga books? The books are 1000% better then the Twilight movies - all of them.
Well, of cause when you're not in love with Robsten.

05-09-10, 15:27
The Godfather 1&2, Once Upon a Time in America, The Dark Knight.