View Full Version : How do you watch TV?

29-04-09, 14:17
I've just been given a new project - Is the TV dead?

Most of my hallmates have laptops, while I've still got a big old box TV from home. How do you watch your favourite shows in halls? Do you think it's better on a laptop?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

29-04-09, 18:47
Hello Molly ,,

We like to watch our football in a live on T.V more than

Laptop :)

29-04-09, 20:51
I don't think TV will ever die out.. it's too good.. There are so many big plasma tvs now which people think are "must haves" for their homes. When I was away from home, studying, I did use my laptop a lot.. but I watched shows which were on tv first of all.. so really, tv will never die.

01-05-09, 20:45
Not been a big TV watcher in my student years. Not at all - maybe because there are so many cak "celebrity" shows on now!