View Full Version : How to get over a long lasted relationship???

21-09-09, 01:52
All started well...until we both started having arguments...there were ups nd downs....parents blackmailing her tht if she doesnt listen to them it wnt be gud...so she asked me not to keep hope for us being together in future...now im stuck...i hve to keep a stone on my heart and live ths life :( ...wch sucks....worst part is she doesnt wanna breakup also (neither do i...bt situation forces me to breakup)...

08-06-11, 08:00
It's normal to have arguments, ups & downs in a relationship, I also experience this thing, what's worst is that, our relationship is like a switch (on & off) but we still hold on to our relationship no matter what happens. It is important to know that there is no such thing as "perfect relationship". Any relationship has its downfall and may encounter trials and hardship. If we keep on holding forever, the relationship will grew stronger. visit http://jaeldungca.blogspot.com/search/label/love%20and%20relationships