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14-05-10, 05:12
Hi everyone,

Please fill in my survey about linguistics. It only takes few minutes. Here it is the survey:

Discourse Completion Task (DCT)

A Comparative Study on Compliment Responses in English by Indonesian Learners and Native Speakers of English

Hello, my name is Devana Syara. I am a fourth year student of the English Department, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Gadjah Mada University. I am going to do research on compliment responses in English by Indonesian learners and native speakers of English as my graduating paper. I need your participation to give responses on the compliment sentences in this study. Please complete the general information before you start giving responses to the compliment sentences below.
General Information:
1. Please do not write your name in this questionnaire.
2. Please circle the appropriate answer for the question below:
.2.1. Are you male or female?
A. Female B. Male
.2.2. How old are you?
A. < 20 B. 20-30 C. 31-40 D. >40
.2.3. Have you done any courses related to sociolinguistics or pragmatics before?
A. No, I have not B. Yes, I have
.2.4.What is your first language?
.2.5. Where do you come from?

Please read the text carefully. Imagine the situation and then write down the response you would like to make for the situation. Please try to write down naturally what you would say as if you are taking part in a conversation.

Situation 1
Imagine you are a mother. You cook your son’s favorite food. Your son is very pleased and compliments you. What would be your response?
Son : “It’s very delicious mom!”
You :

Situation 2
You are a professor. One day, you fluently deliver your speech in seminar. You get a warm applause from the audiences. At the end of seminar, an audience you have not met before praises your speech. What would be your response?
An audience : “That was very inspirational speech!”
You :

Situation 3

You are an architect. Your boss invites you to a dinner party. You dress up beautifully. Your boss looks very pleased with your appearance and he praises you. What would be your reply?
Boss : “You look good tonight!”
You :

Situation 4
Imagine you are a dean of faculty. One day you have to attend a seminar that is being held by the faculty and deliver a speech. You wear a new coat and tie that match harmoniously. When you are entering the auditorium, an officer you have not met before in the faculty welcomes and praises you. What would be your response?
The officer : “I really like your tie!”
You :

Situation 5
On the weekend your parents leave you in the home alone because they are attending their colleague’s wedding reception. You have nothing to do and then you decide to arrange a small surprise for your parents. You do all the housework until your house looks very clean and tidy. By the time your parents arrive back home, they look surprised and then with a smile your mother praises you. What would be your response?
Your mother : “Good job dear, you should do it every day”.
You :

Situation 6
You are a new teacher in primary school. You make a new program to activate the use of library by decorating and completing the books and games and it works successfully. Your school director whom you are not familiar with praises you. What would be your response?
School director: “You did a very good job!”
You :

Situation 7
One day you surprise your friend with your new haircut. You look very different from your usual appearance but your friend likes it anyway. Then she/he praises you with a little joke. What would be your response?
Your friend : “Wow you look like a super star!”
You :

Situation 8
In the afternoon, you take a walk with your baby in the park near your house. You meet someone you have not met before. She looks much older than you are. She admires your baby and praises you. What would be your response?
A stranger : “What a lovely baby you have!”
You :

Situation 9
You are an executive manager in a hotel. You have just bought a new car. After parking your car, you meet a receptionist from the hotel whom you are familiar with and then she compliments you. What would be your response?
The receptionist: “I like your car!”
You :

Situation 10
You are a soccer player. One day your team wins the game because you score two goals. One of the supporters you have not met before praises you after the game. What would be your response?
The supporter : “Nice goal!”
You :

Situation 11
Your boyfriend invites you to dinner party on Valentine’s Day. You wear a new blouse that you bought yesterday. That night your boyfriend admires and compliments you. What would be your response?
Your boy friend: “You look gorgeous tonight!”
You :

Situation 12
You are a novel writer. During the release of your novel, one of your fans asks for your signature and compliments you. What would be your response?
Your fan : “You are such a wonderful writer!”
You :

Thank you for your participation

Best Regards,

Devana Syara