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25-05-10, 14:14
Hey, thought id give all your film enthusiasts this code (77rn8txwp) to get free Dvds, Blurays, and Online streams for 2months instead of their normal 2 weeks from lovefilm.com. Their library of Films is great and the quality of streaming is great too. postage is free on the discs as well. I suggest using it now as Im not sure if they will stop the code. Im loving it and most of my Dorm mates have signed up as well...

27-05-10, 10:41
thanks i singed up my dear.... :)

Sara J. Loomis
28-05-10, 02:51
thanks thanks.

28-05-10, 13:40
Appreciate it!

28-08-10, 11:22
God bless love film, and discount codes :D

31-08-10, 06:26
Thanks more codes requested.

03-09-10, 13:54
Yeah, simonecostela, do you have another codes??.. well, from the place you've got the previous one..