View Full Version : Losing weight before summer

20-12-10, 13:30
I know it is before christmas and over this period it is very hard to lose weight so I am thinking that early in the new year I am going to set out to and lose 2 stone (before my holiday in July). Is 2 stone easy to lose in this timeframe, does anybody have any good tips other than the usual eat less and excersise more?

Does anybody have any good diets which don't starve you or involve calorie counting?

07-01-11, 03:50
the best way to reduce your weight in my opinion is to run. start with jogging and everyday try out a few sprints too cuz just jogging wont help you out. and of course you need to do exercises along with it to balance your mass. if you have a lot of mass on your stomach then you should focus more on your abbes too. i am a footballer and i have seen my friend do all these things. he was very fat before but now he has a body similar to that of a perfect footballer.