View Full Version : How to Cope with Sleep Deprivation and Work?

03-01-11, 19:34
Is anyone here suffering from sleep deprivation and needing to cope with their work-load from school? If so, can anyone give me advice on how to do late nighters, but stay awake and energized for school?

I want to avoid taking energy drinks, pills, etc.

Also, can someone tell me how to get ENOUGH sleep while handling the workload?

Thank you so much

06-01-11, 03:04
One thing is for sure you, cant replace your sleep with things like coffee, energy drinks etc cuz sleeping is necessary for our body. A nighter doesnt mean that you have to stay up till the morning. Wat u can do however is to end your nighter somewhat early(around 2 hours before you get up for school) that way youll be fresh for school. You should also get some sleep in the afternoon so you can stay up for your nighter. I hope this helps you.