View Full Version : getting on with people off my course in uni

23-02-11, 17:42
Hi I am a 3rd year student and am finding it hard at the minute. Ever since the first year I have liked this girl a lot and she knows this. We have had our arguments, not spoke to each other then started speaking again. Me and the girl sit in the same group of people and all the other people I sit with know the situation as I have told them about it. It is very awkward for me now, I know it is self inflicted, but it is extremley hard. The girl I like is very popular. I live at home whilst they live in the city centre so they occasionally go out we each other. I feel left out and just an awkward turtle if you will.

With all the others knowing I do not know what to do any more. They have said that it is not up to the girl if I sit with them or not but I just feel like sitting on my own now.

It has gotten so intense between me and the girl that she is not even speaking to me anymore. I just tried too hard and found it difficult to even aknowledge her as I think she thinks I am a loser for all the things that have happened in the past. I feel like a kid but the only reason I persisted with her so much is because I wanted to try and fix the situation as I got on best with her and do not know what to do now. I had to intiate everything with her so I think I just cannot be bothered anymore as it is a waste of time with her as she doesn't even want to be my friend now. I am just going to try and leave her.