View Full Version : beady eye new album

07-03-11, 12:04
Has anybody listened to the new beady eye album yet? it has got a few good reviews from people so far, I wonder if these are going to be the next big thing?

08-03-11, 12:04
I have listened to a few tracks and they seem quite good. Though it was the same with the latter Oasis albums, they had one or two decent tracks like jobs near you (http://www.hyperion-commercial.com/) but the rest was average. I'll probably download individual tracks rather than the whole album.

08-03-11, 13:47
I have heard good things about the album it is ment to be a bit old school, heard about a song called Beatles and Stones which is a good track.

15-03-11, 12:52
Anyone know when it is out?