View Full Version : How mental is Charlie Sheen?

28-03-11, 17:32
In a scale of 1 to 10 how mental is Charlie Sheen? Just watched his interview on youtube :no:

28-03-11, 18:42
I hope two and a half men comes back on, the final Charlie Sheen episodes is on Comedy Central tonight at 9. There are strong rumours that he will be going back to filming two and a half men soon, something to do with a producer or something.

28-03-11, 18:42
Oh definately 10 . . .

29-03-11, 13:15
I never likes Two & a half men and can't understand why it is so successful. Charlie Sheen is funnier now than he ever was in all the episodes put together!!

29-03-11, 15:52
He is a bit of a mental at the moment, but to be fair he likes having a good time, maybe more people should be like (excluding the drugs and prostitutes)

The show it self was over rated, not sure how it was the most succesful sitcom of the last 10 years, but it always reminded me of Friends in that it is not amazingly interesting, just a simple plot but very watchable.

04-04-11, 16:08

Booed off stage! What did the audience think? He has hardly been in the ideal place recently to preapre a stage show!

05-04-11, 15:06
It is hard not to laugh really . . . "Bi-Winning"