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  1. Steve Jobs - An extraordinary man

    Upon hearing the news that Steve Jobs has sadly passed away yesterday, it is interesting to reflect on back on a man who has had such an impact on the world. From Co-founding Apple which is now the largest technology company in the world in 1976, Jobs took a back seat in the company from 1984 to 1997 (when he became CEO) and purchased a small graphics firm which he renamed to 'Pixar', the company would go on to release Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc and countless other film titles.

    When he returned to Apple they were really struggling to compete with Microsoft in the PC market and they didnt really have any kind of strategic direction, Steve Jobs then transformed the company into a forward thinking, innovative company which revolutionised the market with every product, ...
  2. Paul Scholes - Scored goals

    After a beeming review of the 'Brazilian Ronaldo' who is quite possibly the best footballer I have ever seen, it is only fair that I mention Paul Scholes in the same breath because as a Man Utd fan he has simply been a pleasure to watch for 15 years. His name doesnt have the same ring to is as a Henandez or a Sanchez, you dont instantly think of fantasy football and his name dosnt it doesnt scream flair but this local lad born in Salford had vision and passing ability that was unrivalled and in his time hit some world class goals ** Some note worthy mentions against Barcelona in 2008 (champions league Semi-final), full volly direct from a corner against Bradford City (2000) and Volly from a corner after a defensive clearence at the edge of the box against Aston Villa.** I for one am glad that ...

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  3. PlayStation Network outage

    PlayStation Network has been down since 20th April 2011, the outage itself effecting some 77 million users of its online gaming services. Sony has announced that and external intrusion has allowed a third party access to all its member's data but insists that credit card information was encrypted.

    Sony has been spending a lot of time strengthening its infrastructure so that issues such as this do not resurface, currently no official date has been given for services resuming the only indication that Sony has given is that it will be 'this week' but has stated that it will only return services when it is sure it can maintain a secure network but the date 4th May seems most likely.

    There has been an indication that Sony will offer some form of compensation for the ...
  4. Osama Bin Laden is now dead

    This morning like many I woke up to the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by US special forces in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad. It has been said by many that this is a significant step in tackling Al-Qaeda however many world leaders reaction gives a positive yet cautious message, urging vigilance because of the high probability of an act of retaliation.

    The surprising part of the operation was the circumstances which the worlds most wanted man was living, thinking back to the iconic pictures of Saddam Hussain being located when living in a hole in the ground in total squaller, however, in a town fairly affluent town in Pakistan Bin Laden lived in a $1,000,000 home with extreme levels of security only a few miles from a Pakistani military academy.

  5. Rooneygate and the FA

    I seem to be posting a lot about Rooney thesedays, and am anticipating a melt down in a similar fashion to Charlie Sheen but I wouldnt blame him with the stick he gets week in week out, no wage packet can make up for being taunted by 35,000 people, who are cheering him for England one minute then taunting him the next. I dont think there has been so much interest in a footballer in the this country since David Beckham was playing in a red shirt. I have already argued that Wayne Rooney is an idiot (at times) but whilst he wears the red shirt I will be behind him 100% as should every other red. As for the weekend I watched the game live and missed the incedent as I was busy celebrating a fantastic comeback from 2-0 down to 2-4 a fantastic result as Chelsea and Arsenal both dropped points. ...

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  6. Top 10 TV shows

    1. 24

    What a show! If you like action, guns, explosions and technology you can't got wrong with this show. Kiefer Sutherland plays the title role of CTU agent Jack Bauer, as the show progressed it got quite far fetched but it was still exciting and watchable. I think that the best part of all the show was when the stakes are lower, but it means more to Jack, every season there was a massive super virus or a nuclear bomb, but when he was trying to stop the assassination of David Palmer in season one or the first part of season 5 are some of my best moments, I just hope that there will be a movie.

    2. Prison Break
  7. Japan's Earthquake / Tsunami

    I have been lucky enough to visit Japan a couple of years ago and had a wonderful time in and around the Tokyo area. The news of the earth quake is extremely sad and will have a massive impact on many people, not just by the amount of casualties but the massive economic, ecological and environmental considerations.

    The main fear now in Japan is of the safety of its nuclear reactors, there is a chance (be it a very slim one) of a melt down on the scale of Chernobyl which would make a large area uninhabitibal for decades and will remind many of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Also there is a fear is a secondary earth quake which would undoubtably cause chaos to an already weakened infrastructure and hamper rescue attempts.

    Japan plans to put Ģ113 Billion into the economy ...

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  8. Android Vs iPhone Apps

    It has been popular opinion by many that the iPhone will be overtaken by the Android platform in the near future but I am not so sure, people have argued that open source will beat closed source because there is more people developing it. This however is not backed up by any evidence as the Windows platform has out performed Linux for well over a decade and market share in this market does not look like it is going to change soon. There are some powerful players behind the Android platform however this doesnt ensure success and past experience and trends show that it is quiet difficult to break dominace.
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  9. Benicāssim 2011

    After havign a brilliant time in 2010, I have taken it upon myself to secured my Benicāssim 2011 ticket, this week more acts have been announced and the week is shaping up to be rather amazing.

    Currently acts announced include:
    Arcade Fire, Artic Monkeys, Mumford & Sons, Portishead, The Strokes, Elbow, Friendly Fires, Paulo Nutini, Pendulum, The Streets, Tinie Tempeh, The Stranglers, Primal Scream.

    I think that there may well be a couple more bands announced before the final line-up is confirmed with one more major band being announced in the not to distant future, that would really turn it into a week to remember. Out of the names already announced I would argue that only Arcade Fire, Artick Monkeys and the Strokes would qualify as headliners.
  10. Sony vs the people.

    An interesting article on the BBC website into something that I have disagreed with for years, some products that you purchase you do not have the right to do what you want with them. The above article explains that if you purchase a car, it belongs to you, you can do what you want with it be it drive it into a wall or give it to Xzibit to be pimped the choice is yours. Interestingly this is something that you are now not legally allowed to do with the Sony PS3, the legal precident that Sony won means that effectivly even though the product belongs to you cannot modify it or treat that product as you please.

    It is understanable position to not be able to pirate software and if you are participating in illegal activity such as piracy then you should be procecuted liek you would ...
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