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Unemployment and the political mess.

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What is exceptionally worrying is that the figure quoted that over 20% of 16- 24 year olds are now out of work, the concequences of this I feel significantly understateded; David Cameron is quoted as staying that this is a 'matter of great regret'.

It seems young people are trapped between increasing costs of education with student fees set to rise to Ģ9,000 per year and no other option as opertunities in employment are at an all time low. This coupled with a pensions time bomb with a aging population spells significant economic issues in the future as lower skilled workers due to lack of oppertunities will exacibate the pensions problem.

It seems clear that the jobs market has gone in revese something that the previous labour goverment warned would happen with such significant cuts, the most frustrating thing about these cuts are that the UK goverment's cuts amount to Ģ6 billion and was initially designed to reduce the cost of the deficit after years of overspending, however it seems that instead of this we are helping Ireland in a bailout. The consequence of bailing out Ireland may well be a lost generation of young people with no real job prospects due to a lack of experience and/or education and they will be given the unenviable task of providing for the then pensioners who are responcible for mortgaging their futures.

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