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Top 10 TV shows

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1. 24

What a show! If you like action, guns, explosions and technology you can't got wrong with this show. Kiefer Sutherland plays the title role of CTU agent Jack Bauer, as the show progressed it got quite far fetched but it was still exciting and watchable. I think that the best part of all the show was when the stakes are lower, but it means more to Jack, every season there was a massive super virus or a nuclear bomb, but when he was trying to stop the assassination of David Palmer in season one or the first part of season 5 are some of my best moments, I just hope that there will be a movie.

2. Prison Break

Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell play two brothers one of whom is framed for the murder of the Vice Presidents brother and faces the death penalty, his brother who is a structural engineer sets out to break him out, as the story progresses justice is sought against 'The Company' who is a collection of corporate interests headed by General Jonathan Krantz. Great series which always kept you on the edge of your seat, could have nailed down the top spot had it not been for there only being 4 series.

3. House

Fantastic show with a great protagonist Gregory House as a drug addicted genius doctor, some really interesting stories arcs as well as a new medical mystery every week. Dr. Houses character is a highly intelligent and witty man who hates seeing patients and is a bit of a loner, his one friend is Dr. James Wilson sticks by him through thick and thin. The show has a lot of similarities to Sherlock Holmes with House being a parody of Holmes and the similarity of and Dr. Jim Wilson and Dr. John Watson, with the mystery being a medical condition as apposed to a murder.

4. Family Guy

Some fantastic characters Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Mayor Adam West, Brian and Herbert are personal favourites of mine. Always entertaining and always makes me laugh even if I have seen the episode 10 times.

5. Friends

A classic show which never gets boring enough episodes have been made to watch the from start to finish and on finishing being ready to start again from the beginning. Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe all great characters everyone has there favourite mine being Chandler his sharp wit.

6. Two and a Half Men

If I could be anyone on earth it would probably be Charlie Harper, a rich jingle writer who has an endless supply of cash and a different women every week. The plot is based on Charlie taking in his mooch of a brother and his idiot son.

7. Top Gear

There has now been 20 seasons of Top Gear and the current cast of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have a unique approach to testing new cars (usually supercars) and also participate in some bizarre challenges which make for some entertaining television.

8. Scrubs

The much love medical comedy, for some reason it reminds me a bit of the airplane films, but this is an easy to watch show. Scrubs is a really well written and smart comedy, unlike other situation comedies it has kept a nice balance between humor, sillyness, and a bit of drama/seriousness.

9. Simpsons

Another long standing show and the second animated show on the list, The Simpsons is the definition of classic TV with Homer being the prominent character in the show after an early infatuation with Bart, the ever expanding cast
with likeable characters all with different characteristics make for a lot of scope and variety for story lines.

10. Lost

One of the most annoying programs in history and I am glad it is over, I enjoyed some episodes hated others, the most bizarre of all shows and frustratingly answered any question with another question or answer one question whilst raising two more. I cant deny I enjoyed the show and it entertained me for a long time but for the most part it was a waste of time.

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