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Henry Mintzberg

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I have been researching Henry Mintzberg who is an internationally renowned academic and author on business and management. His theories on Theory on Organizational Forms are fairly interesting.

Mintzberg argues that there are six valid organizational configurations which dictate an organisation and its inner workings, this is explained in more depth in that each organization's configuration can consist of a maximum of six basic parts:
Strategic Apex (top management)
Middle Line (middle management)
Operating Core (operations, operational processes)
Technostructure (analysts that design systems, processes, etc)
Support Staff (support outside of operating workflow)
Ideology (halo of beliefs and traditions; norms, values, culture).

My reaction to this theory is to remain sceptical as I tend to be critical of theosists, as although helpful, it only assits thinking rather than offer solutions. After spending years as a business scholar I have come to my own theory that it is all these theories tend to hold people back from thinking for themselfs and coming up with there on solutions or ideas as people tend to get to hung up on a PESTLE analysis or Porters 5 forces.

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